Windshields provide your vehicle with about 45% of its mechanical integrity. Additionally, a properly installed windshield facilitates the correct fitting of airbags improving your car's safety. More so, your windscreen offers protection from harsh weather elements such as snow, rain, and excess sunlight. Although high-quality windshields can last long, they come from glass that is susceptible to breakage. If your windshield gets damaged, you should contact a windshield repair service to fix the breakage. Here are the top causes of windshield breakage.

1. Road Debris

Flying loose road chippings, rocks, gravel, and rocks can damage your windscreen. The stones might fall off from a moving vehicle, or the tires of other speeding cars can throw them up. They can cause cracking when they hit the windshield at a very high speed. You can try evading the impact of flying rocks on your windshield or maintain a safe following driving distance. You should also slow down if another vehicle is overtaking and take caution when driving on loose chippings or roads undergoing construction. You should be on the lookout for road signs that warn you about loose chippings and ongoing road constructions. Such precautions will save you from incurring windshield repair costs.

2. Weather Elements

Bad weather conditions such as strong winds can cause swirling up of stones and falling of branches that could potentially hit your windscreen. Hailstones and heavy snow are other causes of windscreen breakages. A sudden change of temperatures also causes expansion and contraction of the windscreen glass, resulting in cracks. You can avoid damage by weather elements by parking your car in a shaded parking area. 

3. Poor Windshield Installation 

Structurally weak glass is susceptible to stress cracks. These cracks form with the improper installment of the windshield. The breakage begins showing at the windscreen ends and can spread fast if you ignore them. Therefore, you need a professional windshield installation company to deal with the installation process. Additionally, ensure that your windscreen glass meets OEM guidelines.

4. Collisions

Road accidents can cause extensive cracks to form on your windshield. These accidents include bird strikes, collisions with other vehicles, or hitting barriers on the road. You should stay alert while driving and avoid overspeeding to evade accidents. But if you get involved in a collision, a windshield repair company will help you get a new windshield.

Highway debris, accidents, poor installation of windshields, and exposure to weather elements such as hail are significant causes of windshield cracks. When you spot the damage, you should call a windshield repair expert to fix the damage or replace your windscreen.